We have expanded our passion and love for automobiles with many years of work and a large number of completed trainings, to provide our clients in Montenegro and beyond with the best possible service at the world level. Today, AsFerrari is the best and most renowned service of its type in the region and beyond. We have our own distributors and we organize trainings through which we transmit knowledge to anyone who wants to do this business.

We will strive to be as good as possible in the future and follow trends in this area.

Car service asferrari is engaged in professional chiptuning and we are in Danilovgrad Montenegro so far we have been chipping several thousand vehicles, trucks, buses, vans, we are the first in Montenegro to start this business professionally with our foreign partners who have many years experience in chiptuning our partners provide us with all kinds of support and warranty on the work done, we have the most modern CMD technique to perform chiptuniga some of the completed vehicles you can see on the PROJECTS page. DTI, CDTI, FSI, TFSI, etc ...

We can also tuning the latest vehicle models that use new generations of control units such as the EDC16, EDC17, as well as gasoline turbo engines. We offer four types of chiptuning to adjust customer pricing:


  1. ECO OPTIMAL chiptuning price of 150e
  2. NORMAL chiptuning price of 200e
  3. POWER chiptuning price of 250e
  4. CUSTOM LOG chiptuning price of 300e


Chiptuning prices depend a lot on the injection that a vehicle has, for example: the price of EDC15 and EDC17 cannot be the same, which is more expensive for EDC17. All customers who have once done chiptuning with us have a discount, every third car has a 50% discount, also all members of our forum have a discount. You can also see satisfied users of our services on the forum and facebook. Anyone who wants to try our quality of chiptuning can try for seven days and if they are not satisfied they can return to the factory settings within 10 minutes and return the money, although we have not had such a Wink case so far.



DPF/FAP filters

New diesel engines have so-called DPF and FAP particulate filters that are very expensive to sell, we are able to remove them from the vehicle and install new software under warranty.

In addition to the catalytic converter, there is a fine particulate filter (DPF / FAP) on the exhaust branches of modern diesel engines. Clogging the catalytic converter and filters on the exhaust manifold can lead to an accelerated shortening of engine life and damage to the turbine, EGR valve, intake manifold. AsFerrari Ltd. computer shutdown of DPF-FAP filters using original tools and proven original solutions in reprogramming factory software.

Electronic chiptuning, simply put a new and better life to your car.

Electronic chiptuning is a modification of existing software in your car's computer. By modifying existing software, car performance can be greatly improved and even as extreme as in race cars. When it comes to optimal chiptuning that we do, car performance improves by 10% to 30%, depending on the car model and engine type. So these are performance enhancements that are permissible, but just enough to give you great driving pleasure, which is why it's chiptuning otherwise.

As a result of this type of modification, we highlight some of the most important improvements:


  1. Increasing power - better engine efficiency in all modes
  2. Better torque - contributes to far better acceleration and enjoyment of driving
  3. Economy - Reduces power consumption during optimal driving
  4. We hope you will be satisfied with our services !!!!!!


Mi smo zastupnici za Dynomax sisteme. Nudimo kompletnu uslugu, prodaja, besplatna montaža i podrška.